What Is Your Dragon Element? (not Just the 4 Elements)

Alright welcome to the quiz. There are only 4 results but they aren't what you really think. I have only chosen 4 out of the many species I know. Try to answer truthfully, all but the last is counted for.

At the end, each result is said and written by the leader of the species you became. So see which leader chooses you to qualify for them. See which Leader takes you in as their own. Good luck, and be careful.

Created by: SpiritWolf506
  1. What is your fav. Color?
  2. Wher would you live if you were a dragon?
  3. If you had to choose from these for your skin protection which would you choose?
  4. Which do you like more?
  5. (almost done) What would you like your flame color as?
  6. Which would you prefer?
  7. Do you want to see you results already, or are you bored?
  8. Alright bye, go see your results.
  9. Ah ha, sorry 1 more >.< are you going to rate?
  10. What are you standing around for, go see your results!

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Quiz topic: What Is my Dragon Element? (not Just the 4 Elements)