your warrior name!

A warrior is always strong and loyal to its clan. We all have dreams of becoming a warrior cat and adventuring their world. There are many books on these cats, such as 'Warriors' and 'Survival of cats'.

Do you belong in the cat world? In this quiz you will find out your clan, your rank, and your name! [you can use these names, they are not in the books.

Created by: Sarah

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  1. You are on your first guarding patrol as a apprentice! You are alone and find anther clan cat on your territory! What do you do?
  2. A cat from anther clan ask you to be his/her mate! What do you Say?
  3. You wake up in anther clan's healer's den! The healer tells you the craziest story on how you ended up there, do you trust her? [sorry if that came out confusing]
  4. Your having kits! But you don't know who you had them with. What do you do? [this question is mostly for girls]
  5. Your alone in the woods when you find a two leg, it offers you cat food. Do you take it?
  6. How do you look?
  7. Pick a secret!
  8. If you and your clan were in a battle against anther clan, and you had to fight a friend from that clan, what would you do? [I said clan to much]
  9. If you see the clan deputy trespassing on anther clan territory, And you were the only witness, what do you do?
  10. What's your rank in a clan?
  11. Your on hunting patrol. Your alone. A injured bird is suffering in the forest bushes, What do you do?

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