Warrior cats love story XD

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There are people in the world who wonder if it would be cool to be in the wild have a clan and be a warrior or med cat. If they will be able to hunt fight or heal their clan with herbs.

Could YOU be a cat in the clans?! Could you fight and beat every rogue that set foot on your territory? Or heal any wounds in battle for your clan? Well you can find out now! Yay!!!

Created by: Lionblaze223
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  1. As you walk swiftly across the thunderpath with the dawn patrol dawnberrys ear flicks and she whispers " shadowclan patrol in our territory. Thornfang steps forward "those mangy flea pelts won't get past us" you smell the air and almost gasp put loud. You recognize that scent. All of a sudden "psst" as u whip around to face the sound u see brokenstar!!
  2. As he runs away through the bushes u turn around and head toward ur clan ashfur comes up to you. "Are you ok?" He says with a sweet and gentle smile "yea I'm fine" thanks"
  3. As u make ur way back to camp u suddenly don't want to go back yet u say " I will meet u guys back there I'm going hunting" as u turn to leave u catch the smell of the river and u wonder what fish would taste like. So u make ur way down to the river. As I come apon the river u smell some thing. As u look around u see a fluffy tabby tail disappear in the bushes. As u look harder u can see icy blue eyes staring I down. He steps forward "hi I'm hawkfrost" he twitches his tail. "And u r" u nervously say ur name (whatever u want)
  4. As u Leave the river u catch a ground squarel that ran across the path. Asbu walk into camp lionblaze comes up to u. "Great catch" he says warmly. "Thanks" as u smile but as u notice ashfur is eating a vole giving lionblaze dirty looks.
  5. Sooo who u wanna end up with ^_^
  6. Am I boring u cuz I sorraw I ranz out of questions :]
  7. Do u like the warriors books
  8. Would u look like lionblaze brokenstar ashfur or hawkfrost
  9. Do u like unicorns (randomness)
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