Whiplash Shout Outs

This is a shoutout quiz for GOTOQUIZ! This is one of the sites and am on most and all of the users here rock, pardon what I have said in the past, you guys are great.

So go ahead, try it, see who is and isn't mentioned and read everything I put in here, this site is great and is really staple as a part of my lifestyle.

Created by: Whiplash

  1. First one goes to Jinx! First person I roleplayed with and my role play mentor. Now she is a great friend and an awesome person.
  2. Next one. Meerkat! My GoToQuiz mentor and first friend! You showed me the ropes and were really helpful at every turn. Thx!
  3. Mystar! Though you dissipated which sux you are easily the nicest person on GoToQuiz and one of my closest friends!
  4. XXAlexXX. I could not have this without you. Friend from the beginning and newbie beside me. you were drawn into the deep abyss of real life for a while but are now back!
  5. phoenix_pharaoh! You are probably my favorite person to role play with and the first person to join my first role play.
  6. Redrose2! though I dont know you that well you are still a good friend and enjoyable to role play with.
  7. Girl Almighty! This sites primary directioner and a good friend!
  8. Drpepper! You may be surprised but your on here because of solely comic relief and for me to insult when I want to blow off steam. I still hate you though.
  9. Lil_Scruffy! You are my friend bro though you are never on, BE MORE ACTIVE!
  10. dogsbuddy, brownie, midnightcobra etc. You guys might not be my total friends but you are long time users and I respect you for that.

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