which zoolander character are you

hey! I'm Justice Fockler. Have you seen the movie zolander? Did you fall in absolute love with that movie? I know i fell in love with the movie. Ever wondered what character you would be?

Take a couple minutes to do this quiz and find out between, dereck, hansel, matil, katinka, or mugatu. Finding out who who would be could change your veiw on life. Ok you got me, this quiz should not change your veiw on life but just take the gotdang quiz ok.

Created by: Justice Fockler of myspace
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you male or female ya i know you already answered this but the last one didn't count
  2. have you ever done any modeling
  3. are you really really rediculusly good looking
  4. do you are about the way you look
  5. out of these phrases what would you most likely say
  6. your relationship with your parents is
  7. whats your favorite drink
  8. how many countries have you been to
  9. how highly do you think of your self
  10. what is your dream job

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Quiz topic: Which zoolander character am I