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Everyone loves a good comedy film. At GoToQuiz, we are growing this category and hope to feature quizzes on dozens of the best comedies. If you are up to it, how about making a quiz on your favorite movie?

Our Comedy Quizzes

  • Which Mean Girls girl are you?
    [by: The Geek, rated: rated: 3.86/5, published: Dec 26, 2013]

    We all have a little Mean Girl in us. There are many types of Mean Girls: popular types, "new girl" Mean Girls, nice ones, gay guy Mean Girls, and whole…

  • How well do you know "Garden State"?
    [by: alfredo, rated: rated: 3.37/5, published: Aug 15, 2006]

    Do you think you know everything there is to know about Garden State, the soundtrack, the animals, the places, the time, the plot, the people, and Zach Braff?

  • How well do you know Spaceballs?
    [by: Damien St. Lucifer, rated: rated: 3.31/5, published: Aug 22, 2006]

    This is a quiz for the truely dedicated Spaceballs fanatics. There are questions on here that may confuse you, so if you dont know too much about this movie,…

  • What Napoleon Dynamite Character Are You?
    [by: RC Hammer, rated: rated: 3.27/5, published: Mar 20, 2007]

    Everyone has seen the hit movie, Napoleon Dynamite, at least once! We all memorize the phrases, watch the scenes, and imitate the voices. Have you ever…

  • How well do you know Buddy the Elf?
    [by: Caroline, rated: rated: 3.22/5, published: Jan 17, 2011]

    How well do you know Buddy the elf? There are many true fans, this quiz will determine if you're a true fan or not. So take this quiz! Then you'll know for…

  • Which Napolean Dynamite Character Are You?
    [by: olivia, rated: rated: 3.14/5, published: Sep 6, 2006]

    Are you a Napolean Dynamite fan? If you are, you've just seen the movie or your just bored this is the quiz for you. Find out which character relates the most…

  • How much do you know about Death Becomes Her?
    [by: Drew, rated: rated: 3/5, published: Jul 17, 2007]

    There are many smart people, but few true "Death Becomes Her" nerds. That's right! This is a quiz devoted entirely to that wonderfully enchanting tribute to…

  • which zoolander character are you
    [by: Justice Fockler, rated: rated: 2.96/5, published: Nov 26, 2006]

    hey! I'm Justice Fockler. Have you seen the movie zolander? Did you fall in absolute love with that movie? I know i fell in love with the movie. Ever wondered…

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