spaceballs the quiz

there is many spaceballs in the world. but this quiz will probaly change your life till pigs learn to fly. yo need to watch the movie first.if your a spaceball ignore this

so you think your a spaceball! if you really think you are a spaceball i want you to take SPACEBALL'S THE QUIZ!!!if you really think you are a spaceball take the test to test your knowlege

Created by: kyle

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  1. what color is dark helmets schwartz?
  2. what is the spaceballs ship name?
  3. who does lonestar owe money to
  4. how much is the late charge lonestar owed
  5. what planet did eagle 5 crash land on with yogurt on it
  6. what is the air shield combination
  7. what charecter makes fun of c-3po
  8. what is dots last name
  9. how much did lonestar owe before late charges
  10. what did sanders see dark helmet playin with?

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