Spaceballs: The Quiz

Spaceballs, the movie spoof on Star Wars, is a comedy classic. If you haven't watched the movie, you really should! A whole new generation is becoming Star Wars fans, and it would be a shame if they have not seen this magnificent parody!

So you think you're a Spaceball! If you really think you know the movie, take the test and prove yourself. If you fail, I guess you weren't much of a fan to begin with!

Created by: kyle
  1. What color is Dark Helmet's schwartz?
  2. What is the Spaceballs ship name?
  3. Who does Lonestar owe money to?
  4. How much is the late charge Lonestar owed?
  5. What planet did Eagle 5 crash land on with Yogurt on it?
  6. What is the air shield combination?
  7. What character parodies C-3PO?
  8. What is Dot's last name?
  9. How much did Lonestar owe before late charges?
  10. What did Sanders see Dark Helmet playing with?

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