How well do you know Buddy the Elf?

How well do you know Buddy the elf? There are many true fans, this quiz will determine if you're a true fan or not. So take this quiz! Then you'll know for sure!

Are YOU a Buddy genius? Do you know everything there is to know about Buddy? Are you up for the challenge of taking this ultimate Buddy quiz? You can do it just take the quiz. I hope you enjoy the quiz, good luck!

Created by: Caroline
  1. How did Buddy greet the person on the telephone?
  2. Apparently, to Buddy (blank) is his favorite
  3. Why did Buddy go to New York
  4. "The best way to spred Christmas cheer...
  5. The elves' main food groups are:
  6. Who does Buddy have a crush on?
  7. What is Buddy's brother's name?
  8. Where does Buddy's dad send him when he went to work with him?
  9. Where does Buddy's dad work?
  10. Does Buddy like coffee?
  11. What movie is Buddy in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Buddy the Elf?