ThE BuddY TesT

There are many great people in this world but few are great enough to be Buddy. Buddy is someone who knows his/ her stuff and can see everything clearly. No contacts, no glasses only an open and certain road lies ahead for those who wish to become 100% all natural buddy.

The definition of Buddy: A friend or a partner for a particular activity Urban Dictionary 1: a good friend that you are confortable being around and sharing things with. 2: a condescending term used sarcastically to describe someone that you consider below yourself. "I'm going to have some beers with my buddy tonight." "Buddy just told me I can't park my car here." *don't waste your time reading all of them* 1) (n) At the start of De La soul's "Buddy" video, Prince Paul makes a statement to the effect that "Buddy means body." 2) (n) Sexual partner. A bit more than a friend. 3) (adj) Something that appears okay at first, but is actually a cheap imitation; a knockoff, ripoff or fake. Said to be from "Buddies" which are shoes that look cool but fall apart real quickly. "Get that buddy s--- out of here"

Created by: JKA
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If your nickname was Buddy, what would be your real name?
  2. Are your cheeks red?
  3. How many people live in Texas
  4. Do you look like napoleon bonaparte?
  5. If I had to marry someone who would it be (I am buddy)?
  6. If you were to get free Health Insurance would you marry Buddy
  7. If you wanted to carry a book bag which style and color woukd it be?
  8. Why do leave the class 5 minutes early?
  9. if the coolest girl in the class said hi to me (buddy) what would you say back?
  10. I wear shoes my name is Buddy. Can I wear your shoes

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