Celebrity Drinking Buddy

We see pics of celebrities everyday with a drink in their hand...Maybe a beer, maybe a mixed-coctail OR bottled water... If You were going to a Hollywood party wouldn't You like to know who You could have a few drinks with? Are You going to engage in great conversation or get into a fight?

Which Celebrity would be a good drinking buddy for You? Are You a goody-goody or a Party'Hardy? Take a few minutes to take this quiz and find out who You're compatible with.

Created by: Dana
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. My favorite drink is....
  2. I drink when I'm.....
  3. I like this activity while drinking
  4. When You go out - How long do You stay?
  5. Have You ever been photographed drunk or Tipsy?
  6. My friends know when I've had too much when I....
  7. Activities I'm better at while Drunk
  8. What is Your Limit?
  9. Which profession would You be good at - even after a few drinks?
  10. Before "Taking-off" in an airplane You....

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