What Is Your Personality Group?

This was a quiz that showed you what type of person you and who all you hang out with. You may not of gotten your group but maybe you will start to like the group that was choosen for you.

If you got the group you are in then good but if not then i think you are in the wrong group buddy. But it will be okay because you will always be who you are no matter what group you are in.

Created by: Taylor = )
  1. Your Favrite color?
  2. What Is Your Favrite Sport?
  3. Which Word Describes You Better?
  4. What Name Would Suit You Better?Girl/Boy
  5. What Is Your Favrite Clothes?
  6. What Grade You In?
  7. Are You Hard To Get Along With?
  8. Do You every had A GIRL/BOYFriend?
  9. What Is You Fav Book?
  10. What Do You Usually Do On The Internet?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Personality Group?