Personality Group Questionnaire (short version)

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Everybody has a totally unique personality. But those personalities can be collected into broad groups that help us to understand the way we present ourselves and understand the world. By finding out which personality group we belong to we can work to our strengths and make effective and sustainable progress in our lives.

Taking this quiz is a simple way to find out which broad personality group you fall into. Once you know which personality group you belong to, let everybody know so that they can get a better understanding of how you operate.

Created by: Sterling Training
  1. Do you ever accurately recall specific information you learnt at school?
  2. Do you ever clean the whole house from top to bottom?
  3. Do you ever immediately comfort somebody who you notice is under stress?
  4. Do you ever bring someone to tears with your words?
  5. Do you ever injure yourself when attempting to fix something?
  6. Do you ever get emotional to the point of crying without knowing why?
  7. Do you ever make good arguments that people find insightful?
  8. Do you ever look after your physical health and fitness?
  9. Do you ever notice that somebody is under stress even if they are trying to hide it?
  10. Do you ever dislike a movie just because it is unrealistic?
  11. Do you ever hit or kick an object because it will not work properly?
  12. Do you ever worry about things which are unlikely to happen?
  13. Do you ever notice loopholes or flaws in the rules?
  14. Do you ever stick to a diet of healthy food?
  15. Do you ever notice when people are lying?
  16. Do you ever correct people's spelling, grammar or misuse of words?
  17. Do you ever spend too much time perfecting an unimportant detail?
  18. Do you ever fantasise about situations that are unlikely to happen?
  19. Do you ever easily understand longer, more complicated sentences?
  20. Do you ever spend time on your clothes, hair and general outward appearance?
  21. Do you ever enjoy seeing other people in happy relationships. ?
  22. Do you ever give convincing reasons to excuse your mistakes?
  23. Do you ever dismiss people who have views which are not based on actual experience?
  24. Do you ever dislike a person that you have never spoken to?
  25. Do you ever recall the exact words said in a previous conversation?
  26. Do you ever get small jobs done in advance, before they become urgent?
  27. Do you ever offer to help someone to do a boring or unpleasant task?
  28. Do you ever dismiss people who have views that are too subjectively based?
  29. Do you ever tidy up other people's belongings before they are done with them?
  30. Do you ever dismiss people who have views that make you uncomfortable?

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