Cryptic: Questionnaire (for preliminary survery)

This is a user feedback questionnaire for preliminary survey of Cryptic. The answers to questions will lead to a better 'Cryptic'. Thanks for taking the questionnaire.

This questionnaire will enable Cryptic developers to know the expectations of users from Cryptic. Cryptic developers will try their best to meet your requirements based on results of this questionnaire.

Created by: Amber Jain

  1. Do you understand the meaning of term 'cryptography'?
  2. Do you really feel that you need to secure your data?
  3. Do you understand the meaning of terms 'encryption' and 'decryption'?
  4. Do you understand the meaning of term 'hashing' or 'digests'?
  5. Do you know what a 'password safe' is?
  6. Do you use hashing/digests to check the integrity of your data?
  7. Do you use any password safe program to manage your passwords for different kind/type of accounts?
  8. Do you know/use any application to encrypt/decrypt data?
  9. Are there any features that you miss in your encryption/decryption application?
  10. What kind of interface do you expect from a encryption/decryption/hashing/password safe application?
  11. Do you feel the need for support of more than one algorithm for encryption/decryption/hashing?
  12. Do you think that yet another cryptographic application (i.e. Cryptic in this case) needs to be coded?
  13. Do you feel that Cryptic should be easily portable and supported on different operating Systems?
  14. Do you feel that Cryptic should be free and open source?
  15. Do you feel that Cryptic should have useful documentation (e.g. wiki, manual page, FAQs, quick start guide etc.)?

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