your ten days- how will you spend yours

this is a quick questionnaire to help you decide what would be a good option for your ten day over seas project, please take time and answer these questions as accurately as possible.

are you adventurous? are you resourcful? do you think you could make the diffrence.ok if you have answered yes to all of these then take some time out to answer the questionnaire to find out

Created by: jon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you consider yourself an activ person
  2. Are you able to swim?
  3. are you good at working in teams?
  4. Would you consider yourself physicly strong?
  5. have you ever used diveing equiptment?
  6. Do you enjoy working with animals?
  7. Do you speak any outher langueges besides english?
  8. do you have any phobias?
  9. Do you have a problem with heights?
  10. do you have any serious medical conditions?

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