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  • Which Zodiac Sign Are You?
    Your Result: Virgo

    Your zodiac sign is Virgo. You are the wannabe. This doesn't mean that you're fake, it just means that you want to fit in. You also crave attention! You feel the need to have everybody's attention, because you feel special and unique. You can be annoying sometimes, but at other times you're very fun to be around!










    XD this is hilarious bc im nothing like this in fact i avoid all contact w/ human beings and im a scorpio. 31% scorpio/cancer!! what the hecketh?

    CarryOnSnowbaz Feb 21 '19, 10:09PM
  • Hahaha it said I was 88% aries when I'm a gemini and that was 12% lol!

    talzay13 Feb 16 '19, 5:08PM
  • This is too funny; I got taurus yet I am a virgo. I got 40% virgo though. lol

    kayleighlawson17 Feb 4 '19, 4:56PM
  • I’m not an Leo...I’m an Aquarius which was the second highest... and those other comments of saying Aquarius is bad! that’s so rude!!!

    CreativeAquarius Feb 3 '19, 3:12PM
  • I got Aquarius, you were correct! And also, I LOVE the cold and hate the heat, so that was kind of off, and pretty? I mean, people tell me I'm pretty but I don't really think it.

    Macaron the Cat Apr 5 '18, 4:20PM
  • Aquarius!!?? No way! I hate the cold though but I don't like sweating like crazy either. And the attractive part? OH HECK NO! I'm ugly and I know it lol but great quiz!

    Laurenxp Dec 21 '15, 12:32AM
  • Aquarius, no and I'm glad I'm not that but the second highest result was right so it was close.

    @lindseyt haha!!

    chocolatefrog Sep 7 '14, 12:24PM
  • My zodiac sign is not in here. I'm a libra

    lindseyt Sep 4 '14, 7:22PM

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