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  • Security Breach
    "Never played it"
  • FNAF
    "Yes, all of them are :)"
    "Yw :)"
  • Would You Rather?
    "(By the way, watch one good show once, and depends on WHAT kind of pizza, is it a dessert pizza? If so, then chocolate syrup on pizza.)"
  • Would You Rather?
    "Would you rather.. Lift something REALLY heavy once and have your muscles REALLY sore, or lift something light forever?"
  • Would You Rather?
    "I don't know, is it fall? Because I'd feel sad for those leaves every second under that tree.. and as long as I don't get burned by the fire..."
    "Ok, sorry to hear that GL1TCH3D SH4D0W, here's some help, go to The Game Theorist's Youtube channel and find a video on AMONG US, once you f..."
  • No Subject
    "Hi! Ik I already said this on your quiz but I will say i on here too. (Copied and pasted btw) WHOA!!! I just REALIZED! I joined GoToQuiz onl..."
  • "(Oops! Then you and him sampled some more music for a while.) You walked out of your office, shyly looking around, then you wondered w"
  • Would You Rather?
    "I would rather be in a household of people yelling, and be locked in a dungeon for six months. Would you rather.. be a unicorn or a dr"
  • About Me, About You
    "I like to make digital art too!"
  • About Me, About You
    "Cool! Lol, nice to meet you too! :)"
  • About Me, About You
  • About Me, About You

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