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Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't made any quizzes in a while, but anyways, I saw some stuff on topic of Gravity Falls, and tried I don't know.. a LOT of quizzes on them, so I decided to make a quiz on Bill Cipher.

But what's YOUR opinion on him? I think he's delusional, not like I know EXACTLY what happened in Gravity Falls to be sure, because he thinks he can rule the UNIVERSE.... Ik, wth, so yeah, he's DELUSIONAL I say, but I didn't add a love result just because... idk..

Created by: Sen51
  1. Me: "Hi! Welcome to our quiz! Now I have someone for you to meet who is...." Bill Cipher comes into the room. Bill Cipher: "Hey kids!" I smile. Me: "Hi!"
  2. Me: "So... should I ask?" Bill Cipher: "Yeah, sure. "Me: "Ok. What's... hmm.. what's your favorite hobby?"
  3. Me: "Ok, Bill, your turn." Bill Cipher: "Ok, so.. what's your favorite color?" Me: "I don't get why everyone thinks this question is so 'boring'! It's ridiculous, because if you someone's favorites, you get to know about them, and that's how you make friends! Because then you might find out if you have anything in common or not! Right? I love the favorite questions, so I don't care, because I bet in a few years people with start finding the name question boring. Sigh. But please answer the question." Bill Cipher: "By the way, I like black."
  4. Me: "Ok, my turn again! Let's play Would You Rather!" Bill Cipher: "Ok, yeah!" Me: "Would you rather.. paint all day or draw all day?" Bill Cipher: "That's hard.. paint I guess.. I never did it before." Me: "Well, it's fun-" Bill Cipher: "Ok! I want to try it sometime then!" I giggle. Me: "Ok! What would YOU rather do, Y/N?"
  5. If you chose '"Leave."' On the previous question, then just skip. Bill Cipher: "So would you ever make a deal with me?" He puts out his hand as he grins, then his hand lights up with a blue flame. Me: "Bill, remember what I said." Bill Cipher puts his hand away. Bill Cipher: "Fine, but answer the question, Y/N."
  6. If we kicked you out, then just skip. Me: "Ok, back to the game Would You Rather, Bill, since you didn't go yet, you know, with the game, so ask a Would You Rather question." Bill Cipher: "Ok, would you rather.. rule the universe or the world?" Me: "None, darn! I wish that an answer! Um............ what do you think, Y/N?"
  7. Me: "Ok, my turn now.. would you rather.. sing all day or rap all day, I say sing, since I basically do it aallll daaay long. Well, just a lot, ooorrr not, lol, ok, let's resum~e, lol." Bill Cipher: "Me too."
  8. Bill Cipher: "Would you rather.. make a deal or don't make a deal with me?" I facepalm. Me: "Well I don't know! Would you Bill?" Bill Cipher: "No." Me: "Well then, Y/N, say no then." I laugh.
  9. Me: "Ok, would you rather... for it to be Halloween every single day, or for it to be your birthday every single day?" Bill Cipher: "Halloween." Me: "Yeah, because if it were to be your birthday 'every single day' then you would age MUCH faster." Bill Cipher: "Yeah."
  10. Bill Cipher: "Would you rather.. talk backwards all day, or talk a different language all day?" Me: "Talk a different language all day." Bill Cipher: "Really? I thought you only knew English?" Me: "Well, isn't English a different language?" Bill Cipher rolls his eyes in defeat. (LOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I burst out laughing until my stomach hurts. Then I noticed him SLIGHTLY blush~e, lol.
  11. Me: "Let's play truth or dare!" Bill Cipher: "Yeah!" Me: "Ok, Y/N, Truth Or Dare?"
  12. Me: "Ok Y/N, your turn! Do me!" You: "Truth Or Dare?" Me: "Dare." You say..
  13. Later on, it was time for you to go. Me: "Bye! I hope you enjoyed our quiz!" Bill Cipher: "Yeah, bye!"

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