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  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "Aw, ty! Im feeling fine rn, and tysm for all the kind things you’ve said to me, I really appreciate it and it really lifts me up when I’m do"
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "I might take some time away from GTQ, idk… it’s getting to be kinda a lot even tho I’m not the most active on here"
  • "Johnny Depp all the way"
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "Can’t do the play bc I’m sick"
  • My Writings ;)
    "I need some plot ideas… I want to start an original book but I also don’t, I feel like it would clutter this up too much"
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "When you’re not even able to stand up without collapsing"
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "Ooooh wow My eyes are hurting a lot Why does the optometrist hate me"
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "My friend introduced me to this game called Little Alchemy and I’m strangely addicted…"
  • My Writings ;)
    "Chapter One, Part Two Walking down the halls of her school, Phoebe ducked her head and tried to avoid any eye contact. She mana"
  • My Writings ;)
    "I’m sorry I can’t stay on one story here but whatever So I’ve been working more on the first story I posted here, Someday There Will B"
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "I just payed someone to watch an episode of The Owl House, and they said they hated it I will never speak to them again"
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "The cards, the cards, the cards will tell…"
  • Book suggestions
  • "Four. Let me be a tiny who can get away with anything."
  • Colors of the Spectrum
    "When you take a spelling test on Quotev and the title has a tyypo"

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