which organelle are you?

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Haven't you always felt fascinated by the cell structure? Ever wonder what role in it you'd fit best? Well, you're in luck. With this handy quiz, you'll finally know. Each question you answer will give some insight into where you truly fit in the cell structure.

Disclaimer: This quiz only includes the organelles that I had to study for my quiz on Friday because I couldn't add more, so don't pee yourself just because mitochondria isn't on here ok cry about it

Created by: zoinky
  1. Are you selective with who you're friends with, or do you find yourself getting along with pretty much everyone?
  2. In a group setting, what type of friend do you tend to be?
  3. Favorite position in baseball?
  4. What breakfast do you rock with?
  5. Your favorite baby is drowning. What do you do?
  6. What's your skin texture?
  7. You're given a few bucks to go to the gas station and pick up some snacks. What do you get?
  8. Would you consider yourself an organized person?
  9. Favorite Minecraft mob?
  10. What's your dominant hand?

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Quiz topic: Which organelle am I?