Prisoner cell block h

See if your a Prisoner Cell Block H Fan!Test your Knowledge!There's 10 questions to be answered honestly.10% each answer if correct. There's no half marks.

So let's see if your a Prisoner Cell Block H Fan and go for a 100%,failing that you will have to go back to the start .So download all those episodes and keep them handy. You'll never know you might need them.

Created by: Mark Nevin

  1. Who was the top dog in episode 1?
  2. Who was the Governor in episode 689?
  3. How many episodes of prisoner cell block h have there been?
  4. Bea Smith killed Nola McKenzie but how did she do it?
  5. Joan Ferguson what was her job?
  6. How did Myra Desmond leave prisoner?
  7. Who was in prisoner cell block h from the first episode to the last episode?
  8. Dennis Craven came from which prison?
  9. When prisoner was first aired how many episodes was it originally ment to be?
  10. Ted Douglas was in another programme,known as Harold Bishop can you make the programme?

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