Which would you prefer?

People have so many points of view today. Some of them have become normal and expected from day to day. Others have become out there to the point they are just rebelling against society, not actually following their own minds.

What do you believe today? Which norms do you agree with? Which norms do you disagree with? Do you make up your own mind or do others decide for you?

Created by: Flora Star of Myspace
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  1. If there was a black straight male and a gay white male running for president with all the same views which one would you vote for?
  2. Do the gay people in society that talk so that you know they are gay, dress so that you know they are gay, and act so that you know bother you?
  3. Do you believe that Pit Bulls are the worst kind of dog you could own?
  4. Do you dress goth?
  5. If you go to church, is the church you go to dominational, such as Baptist, Missionary Baptist, Protestant, Lutheran, Catholic, etc...?
  6. You take your children to church one Sunday morning, they are 3yrs old or younger, they start to stir and make some noise after a while. How do you handle it?
  7. Do you believe it's alright to pierce a baby's ear, at birth or soon after?
  8. What is your sexual orientation?
  9. Which do you think is more true about our government today?
  10. If you had to pick just one to be illegal which one would you choose if they were all legal right now?

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