What style of war do you prefer?

Wars, to many people, are bad things. To others, it's simply a massive game that brings excitement. Are you one of those mass violence loving war mongers? You must be, or you wouldn't be reading this annoying long paragraph to type just to fill in enough for one hundred fifty characters.

What is your preferred way of winning a war? This quick quiz will determine if you are a simply a brute or a general who is clever enough to plan ahead. Or do you prefer to fight with words instead of guns? Find out here.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
In real life when you see a person drop his/her wallet, what do you do?
Keep it.
Check for cash/credit cards, empty the wallet, and give it back.
Give it back.
Throw it in the bushes, because you are simply a b**ch like that.
Ignore it.
When you meet a potential friend who is supposedly very smart, what is the first thing you think of?
How can I cheat off of him....
Hi, what's your name?
F*ck off, b**ch.
If someone threatens to beat your *** after school, what would you do?
Call the police, set up an ambush, and sue him afterwards.
On the first punch fall down and pretend to be dead.
Meet him and fight a gallant battle.
Avoid him.
Get a couple of friends and beat his *** back.
Submit to him.
What kind of movies, TV series, or cartoons do you like to watch?
Big scary monsters!
Law and Order....
Some courageous war movie like Pearl Harbor....
If someone you support wins their case on Judge [insert name here], what is your reaction?
Knew it, all the evidence supported him.
I feet sorry for the loser....
If you see your closest, closest friend being mugged in an alley, what would you do?
Help him and beat the f*ck out of the muggers.
Shoot the muggers.
Call the cops.
Talk your friend out of it.
You are on a plane when hijackers fire a gun and announces he will crash the plane into the capital. What do you(or try to)do?
With shouts of, "To arms, comrades!" Muster the passengers and storm the cockpit.
Hide in a corner....
Start talking to that gorgeous lady next to you. Heck, you're going to die anyway.
Try to talk your way out.
Join the terrorists.
Sneak out and behind the terrorist through all the initial chaos and backstab the hijacker.
You have 1 nuclear missile at your command. What do you do?
Destroy that neighbor's house that always annoyed you with it's perfectly trimmed lawn.
Destroy the capital of Iraq.
Inform security of their very obvious hole in their system.
Try to impersonate Kim Jong and try to start World War III.
Do your friends consider you a very logical and "common sense" person?
Heck no, I got 5 classes in Art.
Ok, bear with us a little bit longer. Do you think that all media should be under government control?
The government knows the best for you....
Who cares, just put those news anchors under gunpoint.

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