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  • My School: Death

    Im typically one who enjoys darkness or the edgy stuff in most cases. But I answered all the questions in this quiz as legitimate as I could if I thought about them in a certain situation realistically. Generally, Im extremely reserved and not very social. I struggle communicating with others for long periods of time, without feeling or getting awkward. I push myself to communicate, but I dont feel comfortable approaching others and would rather prefer others to approach me. The question about the natural disaster should be a no brainer, because the plague can be deadly if it spreads around in the form of a virus. It contaminates one organism which then passes it to another and so on. All the other natural disasters can be prepared for and avoid the losses of many, but stopping a plague is a challenge. The questions were we had to choose something relatively quickly is kinda dumb since i personally wouldnt entertain it because I see no point in rushing to pick something when I could just take my time and analyze what I like or what I would do in a situation of choosing between a few things in a period of time. Lastly, the colors question is purely based on what I wear on most days. Most people typically go for black clothing, as do I. But, my reasonings for choosing white is because as a kid I always preferred brighter colors in clothing. Seeing as white is perceived as the light, I like wearing white clothing with black as its a show of contrast between my old interest in clothing/style and my newer one. So all in all, I guess I was born to be a Death Wizard. Ive always had a liking for it anyway, so it works out.

    • I love your comment. Reading it i felt like you were Describing me plus it is so well thought out.Yet again like i over think things a lot. I have always been Fascinated by Darker stuff and The Death school in Wizard101 is my favorite school. Also a Harry Potter fan and I love Slytherin. I love The Goth aesthetic with skulls and Bats,etc. absolutely love Halloween and cold weather. Hate being Hot.

      Pink Tatz
    • My result: Storm/Death
      76% Storm
      76% Death
      72% Fire
      68% Myth
      54% Balance
      28% Ice
      26% Life

      Would not have anticipated getting Storm or Death as the top result (expected Myth tbh) but to get a TIED result is something I DEFINITELY didn't expect. There were some answers I made that felt kinda "I know this is answer puts me towards X school, but it's what I'd do..." and it ended up being almost the opposite of what I thought it'd be. Really fun quiz overall.

  • Your Result: Balance 86%

    Balance is the Final school, and one of my favorites. Balance focuses on "Tweeking" the rules of fighting in their favor. Balance can also be known as "Sorcery", and can be considered very powerful.

    82% Life
    54% Myth
    52% Fire
    46% Death
    40% Ice
    36% Storm

  • Awesome my school: Ice!

    By the way Awesome00 ice doesn't suck. It has weaker attacks but way more health: almost double the health of a storm wizard the same level. Don't be like that, ice can actually top a lot of schools with its own unique aspects. I wouldn't be surprised if you lost a duel to an ice wizard- not to say your school sucks or anything like that.

    Next time, I wouldn't say mean things like that, Awesome00


  • I kept redoing this test over and over again and got balance. One time I got fire, though... but I almost ALWAYS got balance. The creator of this quiz days that balance is powerful, so I'll have to wait and see...

  • Death 86%. Followed by Myth 76% and Balance 67%. Funny, i always said I would never do myth lol... I do have a death and balance, though xD

  • I have myth, which is funny because I have a storm wizard

  • I got myth while trying to debate what school I should be. I guess I'll try out myth to about level 10 or 15 and see how I like it.

  • Got my fire school and that is actually my main wizard in the game lol

  • Fire and right behind it storm funny thing is I have a death wizard lol

  • Healing doesn't sound too bad.

  • cool. death as usual

  • Omg I got my school myth rocks

  • i got ice to and in my opinion ice is the best, because even though you arent doing much to yor oponet it is vic versa so yeah go icce #brrrrr p.s ice does not suck anc it is not bad be proud and reptesent-Awesome00

  • Storm, 81%. Time to nuke all the things.

  • Life. Not too bad!

  • I loved this quiz!!! :D

  • Ice? Aw man!!!! Ice Sucks!!!!!! Great quiz though

  • Cool i got death -_-

  • Myth XD

  • i am fire and i am fire lol

  • cool i got 98% storm

  • cool i got 98 storm


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