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  • Episode 3: Hello, girls. Only 11 of you stand before me but I only have 10 photos in my hands. And the first photo goes to...Tinamusa! The second photo goes to...BigGirl! The third photo goes to...Anastasia! The fourth photo goes to...XxdarkxX! The fifth photo goes to...X_Struckdumby_ X! The sixth photo goes to...PandaPal! The seventh photo goes to...MCALover! The next photo goes to...SpeedyTiger! Will Wiggy and Nessie14 please stand before me? Nessie14, you didn't turn in a photo for the second time. I am really disappointed in you. Wiggy, your photo doe not look great. You need to improve. And the final photo goes to...Wiggy! Time to go home, Nessie14. The next morning, the girls get ready for their next photo shoot: Having A Sweet-Tooth! (2nd Time) Here are the sweets you girls will be:

    Tinamusa - Marshmallows
    Anast asia - Ice Cream
    BigGirl - Taffy
    Cuddles - Cotton Candy
    PandaPal - Bubblegum
    X_Struck dumby_X - Licorice
    SpeedyTig er - Lollipop
    Wiggy - Chocolate
    XxdarkxX - Cupcakes
    MCALover - Marzipan

  • Episode 2: Wow, looks like all of you except Anastasia did not turn in a photo. But anyways, the first photo goes to...Anastasia! The second goes to...XxdarkxX! The third goes to...Cuddles! The fourth goes to...BigGirl! The fifth goes to...X_Struckdumby_ X! The sixth photo goes to...MCALover! The seventh photo goes to...PandaPal! The next photo goes to...Wiggy! The next photo goes to...Tinamusa! Will SpeedyTiger and BigLoserGirl stand before me? You both did not turn in photos, but the final person safe is...SpeedyTiger! Time to go home, BigGirl. The next morning, the 11 girls get ready for their next photoshoot: Occupations! Here are the jobs you will be:

    Nessie14 - Teacher
    Anastasia - TV Star
    Tinamusa - Waitress
    BigGirl - Nurse
    XxdarkxX - Soldier
    MCALover - Chef
    Cuddles - Artist
    X_Struckdum by_X - Scientist
    PandaPal - Zoo Keepr
    SpeedyTiger - Office Worker
    Wiggy - Coach
    Get Ready...

  • Episode 4: Hello, girls. There are only 9 of you here but I only have 8 photos in my hands. These photos represents the 8 girls who will still have what it takes to become CrazyGoneWild's Next Top Model. The first photo goes to...Whawha! The second photo goes to...Nessie14! The third photo goes to...BigGirl! The fourth photo goes to...Tinamusa! The fifth photo goes to...Cuddles! The sixth photo goes to...MCALover! Will XxdarkxX and BigLoserGirl please stand before me? BigLoserGirl, I don't like your expression in this picture. You took great photos from the start, but you really need to fix this one next week. XxdarkxX, you also didn't turn in a photo when you were talking about something else in your comment. Well, the final person safe is...BigLoserGirl. I am sorry, XxdarkxX. It's time to go. The next morning, The girls wake up and get ready for their next photoshoot, but, not ALL girls are perfect. How are you without foundation? It's time for an Acne Solution Shoot!

    Get Ready...

  • yeah, i'm sorry about that too, xxdarkxx. i love music as well. oh wow, power fairy. i am really flattered!

    my hair is short and spiked up, and it has streaks of light, medium, and dark brown, black, platinum, bright red, and dark purple. my eye makeup is electrifying blue that sparkles. my dress is long and flowing. Starting at the top, it is white, which fades into greeen, then yellow, then orange, then red at the bottom, which is choppy and zig-zag-ish. it sparkles a rainbow of colors. The sleeves are long and wide at the end, and they are white. I am in bare feet. My right arm is raised towards the sky, and my other holds a staff, which at the top glows vibrant shades of blue and purple. My face is pointed towards the sky, a powerful yet pixie like face. My eyes glisten bright blue.

    Back ground: I am standing on a dark cloud, with mists of pink, yellow, and orange around me. The sky is dark, but I radiate a glowing white.

  • Episode 2: Hello, girls. There are 11 of you standing but i only have 10 photos in my hands. Whoever does not receive a photo must immediately pack their bags, and go home. The first person safe is...Whawha! The second person safe is...BigGirl! The third person safe is...Cuddles! The fourth person safe is...Nessie14! The fifth person safe is...Tinamusa! The sixth person safe is...MCALover! The seventh person safe is...BigLoserGirl! The next person safe is...XxdarkxX! The next person safe is...Anastasia! Will Starfire3 and X_Struckdumby_X please stand forward me? X_Struckdumby_X, what is wrong with this photo of yours? It looks like you want to get this over with. Starfire3, You didn't turn in a photo for the second time. I expect more from you. And the final person safe is...Starfire3. I'm sorry, X_Struckdumby_X. I think it's time for you to leave. The next morning, I tell the girls that their next photoshoot is a Swimsuit picture. I want you to describe your swimsuit and the beach background.

    Get Ready...

  • Well, here's mine:

    1 - Misty_101 (Of course, she didn't turn in a photo)

    2 - Starfire3 (Same particular reason from Misty_101)

    3 - X_Struckdumby_X (She looks like she wants to just get this thing over with!)

    4 - BigLoserGirl (For some reason, she could probably overdo her photos)

    5 - XxdarkxX (Same particular reason from Misty_101 and Starfire3)

    6 - MCALover (Either She'll not turn in her photo, or maybe she will go overboard with her photoshoot)

    7 - Tinamusa (She would do great, but she looks like she's nervous about modeling)

    8 - Anastasia (She might be shocked in ALL of her photos)

    9 - Me (I'm not really giving anybody else a chance)

    10 - Cuddles *Final 3* (She might do bad in her Cover-Girl commerical)

    11 - Nessie14 *Runner-Up* (She does awesome photos, but she might no do good enough)

    12 - Whawha *Winner* (She has awesome photos and great poses to dominate the competition)

  • I'm sorry I'm so behind with the TV shows. Hmm, in my picture I bleached my hair platinum blonde. I'm smiling but I'm a bit shocked by the transformation.

    That's cool xxdarkxx! You'll be in Hawaii like me! It's sooooo beautiful just a bit humid. I'm starting to like my high school and web page design is really cool. We're not learning anything instructional yet but when I get a web page going I'll post the URL if I can.

  • (Season 1/3) Episode 1: The 12 contestants arrive with their luggages and are standing in front of me. I told them that they have a few hours to unpack until their photoshoot. After a couple hours passed, I told them that their first photoshoot will be: A Makeover Picture!


    I want you to describe what your photo looks like in your comment. If you talk about the background, you'll be called first.

    2 People will be up for the vote on who's eliminated. I need you to post who should go home in your comment. DON'T VOTE TWICE.

    Get ready...

  • Episode 4: Hello, girls. Only 10 of you stand before me but I only have 9 photos in my hands. The first photo goes to...Anastasia! The second photo goes to...BigGirl! The third photo goes to...MCALover! The fourth photo goes to...PandaPal! The fifth photo goes to...Tinamusa! The sixth photo goes to...Wiggy! The seventh photo goes to...X_Struckdumby_ X! The next photo goes to...Cuddles! Will SpeedyTiger and XxdarkxX please stand before me? SpeedyTiger, I like this picture, but you really need to work on your face and show that you have what it takes to become CrazyGoneWild's next top model. XxdarkxX, you didn't turn in a photo AGAIN! I am very dissapointed with the people who can't just show me their pictures! And the final person safe is...SpeedyTiger. I'm sorry, XxdarkxX. It's time to go. The next morning, the girls blossomed out of their beds for their next photoshoot: Flowers! Here are the kinds of flowers you girls will be:

    Anastasia - Orchid
    Tinamusa - Petunia
    MCALover - Sunflower
    Wiggy - Daisy
    BigGirl - Rose
    Cuddles - Poppy
    SpeedyTiger - Tulip
    PandaPal - Violet
    X_Struckdum by_X - Lilly
    Get Ready...

  • Thanks for giving me a second chance. =) Here is my scientist photo:

    I am wearing a long, white suit that goes all the way down to the stomache. I am wearing white jeans with white high heels, with red lipstick. I am at an office, and I am standing on the desk spreading both of my legs and putting both of my arms down, holding a glass full of some purple potion.

    CrazyGon eWild, please let me go further in the contest! I really want to win! D=

  • Wow, this is going to be a tough one. Um... Here it is:

    My face is really pale, I have a few zits on my cheeks, forehead and chin, My hair looks really messy like I just got out of bed, I am gasping with a surprised look and my clothes looks pretty ripped off and I have polka dots on my face with lots of blackheads and acne.

    Background : The background has different shapes of red with big letters that say: C.A.U.T.I.O.N and small letters that say: This is a Zit and Acne Alert! LOL

  • Ahahaha wow...nice poll!

    Nessie...tru st me. You don't want to take latin. Its slowly and painfully killing me. And the worst part is, you can never escape it, because its the base of EVERYTHING. *eye twitch* its just so hard.

    I want to take japanese sooo badlyyyy *cries* but my school only offers french and spanish and latin (for 1 more year.) I speak tiny bits of japanese but I can only string together simple sentences and my vocab is really, REALLY limited ^^"

    And I'm so sorry I haven't been writing! I'm working on ap chem, history, and latin summer work. And I have to clean my closet...- -'

    Leaving for hawaii on tuesday though! ^^

  • Here's a sneak peek of Season 2's first episode!

    Whawha: Today, you all will be doing a race to the finish challenge!

    Misty _101: Ow! I stumbled on Anastasia's shoe and I

    tripped! Now I have a scratch on my knee! =(

    BigLosergirl: Watch it, Starfire3! You are about to get your shows into a puddle full of quicksand!

    Nessi e14: Only me, Artwiz21, dragonlover193, Cuddles, Anastasia, XxdarkxX and BigGirl didn't get a present. Am I going to be eliminated first? =O

    Toni: Too bad you didn't get a present, __________.

    ???? ?: I do not conside! I do not conside! I was your only hope! I demand a recount! NOW!

  • Congratulations, Anastasia, XxdarkxX, Nessie14 and Cuddles! You are in the final 4!

    Tinamusa - I was making my own Total Drama Island parody except it has 10 seasons. I just eliminated 14 contestants and need to see who will win Season 1.

    CrazyGoneWild - Welcome back! I don't really know you much, but we can become good friends!

    MCAlove r - Welcome back, too! You could be in Season 2 of my Total Drama Island parody show! By the way, I called the show, "Whawha's Full House"!

  • A BIG Hello to all!
    How are you!?
    ok here i go
    i m a petunia

    I m wearing a pale purple and pink knees length dress which has petunias on it in shades of purple and pink. im wearing sandles which are purple and they are laced up to my calves. They end in a pink bow. Their is a pink belt on my waist. i m holding a bunch of multicolored petunia in my habd. My hair are blonde and they are tied in a loose pony tail. the rest hand down my shoulders. I m wearing a pink lip gloss and a shimmery pink mascara and purple eyeliner. i m wearing a garland of white petunias!

    Backgr ound

    I m siting on the grass near a fountain. Actually im sitting on the petls of many diff colors of flowers... and breating in the sweet aroma . birds and buterfilies fly around. one buterfly is sitng on my finger


  • Ooh, Cotton Candy! Yum! Here's my look:

    I am wearing a blue puffy dress with pink puffy shoes on my feet. I dyed my hair light pink and my make up is light blue. I am wearing hot pink hoop earrings on my ears, and I am putting a finger on my face while putting a hand onto my waist. The background has light blue and pink cotton candy on it and it says: "COTTON CANDY: A POPULAR CARNIVAL GOODIE."

  • Hey, guys! Wow, thanks for letting me be on the Top Model game CrazyGoneWild! Sorry I never posted my photo. Ok, here we go!

    I am wearing a white polo shirt with buttons on the left side, and I am wearing a black skirt with black high heels. I dyed my hair dark brown and I am wearing plain dimmed-glasses and I am facing at the camera, putting a leg up and putting one of my hands on it. =D

  • aww, anastasia is out! :( thanks, BigGirl! ok, cotton candy, here we go!

    I am wearing a diagonal striped, soft blue and baby pink shirt that comes down past my thighs. around the neck, sleeves, and bottom, there is poofy white cotton-like fluff with sparkles in it. there is a pink bow on the chest and i have on white leggings. my shoes are white heels with bows on the toes (lol that rhymed). my eye shadow is a light blue and my lips are a soft pink. my hair is in high, curly pigtails with pink bows. i have one hand behind my back and my finger is pointed at the corner of my mouth, and i have an innocent smirk and i am winking.

    the background is a carousel with kids walking around with balloons and stuffed animals at a carnival

  • okay so i am going for an older princess look.

    my dress is dark green and poofs out around my waist. it has off-white lace pleats down the front, and off-white ruffles around the sleeve holes and the bottom of the dress and the neckline. there are tiny pink roses decorating the skirt part. my hair is tied up in an elegant bun and i have a dark pink, velvet bow in my hair. i look uncomfortable, but somewhat angelic. I have lots of powder on my face and my lips are bright red.

    i am standing in my palace bedroom with my hands together in front of me. there is a regal chair behind me as well as portraits of kings and queens.

  • Wow i m sorry for the late reply
    ok here i am

    I m wearing a white short dress which is shiny and gives out a soft purple glow which is all around me. i m wearing wings which are silver and are shining.My wings are huge i m wearing a tiara which has stars all over it. its sparkling. i m carrying a wand which has a head of a crescent. I m wearing a very cute and innocent expression. i m confident now!


    i t s night. the stars and the moon are behind me. a soft breeze is blowing!

    I m soo sorry xxdarkxx. hope u r feeling better now

  • Hey guys, I'm really sorry part 38 isn't out, but I just got some awful news that Jasmine You of the jrock band Versailles has died. This is really shocking to me, even though I never met him...I feel like I knew him...and reading the tributes and messages always makes me cry every time. He meant a lot to me-music and people who are the conductors of it are my gods- and I'm really shaken by his death. He was really young too. Please, just send your prayers for him, for me. And I'm really sorry if I don't get the quiz out soon and if I don't post on here enough. Thank you all...its just so hard to believe.

    Good night, You-kun.
    Rest in Peace.

  • I'm listening to some crazy Techno song right now!

    Beethoven.. .Beethoven...Beetho ven... (2x)

    In the night, you make me cry, I need your love, to save my life,

    I need you while my piano gently weak, listen to Beethoven,

    A melody will set you free, You need my love in your life.

    I need you while my piano gently weak, the music gonna save your life,

    Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven,

    Beethov en...Beethoven...Be ethoven... (2x)
    Lalalalalalal alala....

    Into the night, you make me cry, I need your love, to save my life,

    I need you while my piano gently weak, listen to Beethoven,

    A melody will set you free, you need my love in your life,

    I need you while my piano gently weak, listen to Beethoven,

    Beethov en, Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven

  • Uh-oh! Here's mine:

    My face has alot of acne and blackheads, my face is really really pale, and I am putting my hands on my face while gasping in a very surprised look. Some strands of my hair is sticking out, and I have a few dead skin on my arms and legs.

    Background : Nothing but a huge yellow smiley that is frowning with acnes, zits, blackheads and dead skin. O.o

  • here i am!

    my hair is very dark brown and cut short to my chin, and very choppy looking. i have vibrant purple and hot pink streaks in and my bangs halfway cover my eyes. my eye liner is bright blue and fades into a bright violet. my lip gloss is hot pink and shiny. i am wearing a rainbow polka dot tank top with a lime green cami that come down to my thighs, and bright blue leggings. my shoes are bright red, 3-inch heels and my fingernails and toenails are painted yellow, green, and orange. i have orange and pink glowsticks around my neck and wrists. there are pink, blue, and green headlights flashing accross the crowd. PARTAY!!!

  • Here's my look: I dyed my hair rainbow-colored and my hair was being blown by a fan and my bangs were trying to cover my eyes. I wore a rainbow-strapped shirt with rainbow denim shorts and rainbow cowboy boots, and I was holding two glowsticks: One green and One yellow. I had a rainbow diamond necklace and a rainbow hoop earrings dangling from my ears. I was winking and smiling both at the same time, and in the background, I was at a Techno Trance concert. The headlights were glowing glistenally and the audience were screaming like crazy and the DJ was putting on awesome Techno beats.


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