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  • Which warrior cat are you?
    Your Result: You are, Rainsplash! 82%

    You are a kind and caring shecat! Your littermates are, THundercrash(he's the deputy), and Stormheart. Your very hard working, and because of that got your warrior's name early. Your mate is Oakfur, and your three kits are, Bluepaw a girl, Branchpaw a boy, and Stonepaw a boy!

    73% You are, Thundercrash!
    59% You are, Stormheart!
    49% You are, Stormclouds!
    26% You are, Sandytail!

  • Rain splash,I would like to have a mate and kits someday alongside with having a gray fur pelt. I'm also a dream achiever and like to be self reliant on myself too. Pawsome quiz mate.

  • I got Thundercrash.

    Ca t names can't be clan names, so no Thundercrash of Thunderclan. Also, just write 150 words that describe your quiz instead of caps-screaming about cupcakes. Just some tips for future quizzes :)


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