Which THE OFFICE characetra are you?

In the office people work, you can hear the clicking of te keys on the keyboard and the ring of the phone, the printer printing a copy of the chart of the prophit you are making... wait, no it's a picture of some hotshot cars. you can hear the keyboard and the phone ringing on the desk off Pam but other than that...

this is a very starnge office in Pensylvania... people don't really do their work and everyone is terrified of corporate. A girl corporate. some play solitaire and some draw but not much work ie being done. Many strange workers work there.

Created by: cheryl
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have glasses?
  2. pick a word to describe u
  3. pick another word to describe you
  4. what's your favorite animal?
  5. optomist or pessimist?
  6. are you nice?
  7. fav food
  8. favorite movie?
  9. do you like solitarie?
  10. did u like it?

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Quiz topic: Which THE OFFICE characetra am I?