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  • Mind control! Cool! I would rarely use it.

    dogsbuddy Jun 24 '14, 4:33PM
  • Mind Control. Huh, I guess that could be useful, though I don't think that really suits me. Invisibility was tied, though, and I'd definitely want that. :)

    music826 Jun 22 '13, 1:39AM
  • 89% Invisibility

    LoSt GiRl Jun 19 '13, 3:49PM
  • Flying, 77%
    Not what I expected, but okay!

    MakofGryffindor Jun 19 '13, 10:25AM
  • Hmm. I would prefer super strength, but flying isn't bad.

    sherbertdynamite Jun 7 '13, 10:23PM
  • mmm...fly power is not bad but invisibly is better!!!

    justdosth Jun 7 '13, 12:39PM
  • I really wouldn't like mind control. I don't want to make someone do something because I made them.

    luvHungerGames2 Jun 4 '13, 4:35PM

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