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  • Great Quiz...if i may say so myself. If there are any spelling errors, I'm sorry. I'm a REALLY bad speller (I'll probibly misspell something in this comment. lol). I hope you enjoy and get who you wanted to.

    I got Daniel...but I knew the answers, soo I kinda' cheated...which makes me more like Vola now that I think about it...O well. :)

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • Too many spelling errors for a grammar/spelling geek like me. I managed to look over the grammar but here are some spelling corrections... It would be cool if you fixed it. :)

    You see a man writting on a chalk board. you... (Correct: man *writing*)

    You see a woman being robbing. you... (Correct: being *robbed*)

    Questi on 4: Peacefully
    6: Dreadful
    7: Verge
    8: Past *girlfriends*
    10: obvious *and*
    12: *surrendering* & *probability*

  • Yeah well, jonas and daniel r alot alike, so it would have been hard not 2 make them tied. And this was my 1st quiz, so i tried not 2 make t 2 diffecult.

    and NO ONE is hotter than my Daniel! At least he didn't dress up like a girl for the 'beer for my horses' country music video like Jonas did.

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • I got Daniel too... great quiz but I thought I would get Jonas! Where is he? As much as I love Daniel, he will never be as..what's the word? HOT! as Jonas. Oh, and my favourite channel is the Weather Channel :D

  • I got Daniel too. Im a girl but I can be the girl version of Daniel. I like him too.

    Yes, there were misspelled words but at least you know you did do it. Good job.

  • Daniel Jackson. Makes sense for me. I was totally LMFAO about all the C4 options!

  • I got Daniel.. Pretty accurate! ;D

  • Lol. thanks smerk. I thought they were funny. 8)

    Sarah Soda Slim

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