Which Stargate SG-1 Character Are You?

Many people like Stargate SG-1, but I was suprized to see that no one had a character quiz about it. There was an Atlantis one and an Atlantis/SG-1 also, but none that was plane ol' SG-1. Well, now there is one, and here it is. Enjoy.

Which Stargate SG-1 character are YOU? Are you Samantha or Vola? Perhaps you're Cameron or Jack. Or are you a Daniel at heart? Well, know you can find out on this awesome quiz!

Created by: Sarah Soda Slim
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  1. You see a man writing on a chalk board. You...
  2. You see a woman being robbing. You...
  3. You have a problem you need to conquer. What do you reach for? (Note: I'm not telling you what the problem is. Use your imagination)
  4. Do you like this Quiz so far?
  5. You got a day off at the SGC, and you are trying to relax. What would you do?
  6. You finally drift off to sleep. What do you dream about?
  7. What TV channel do you like the most?
  8. Some one says something mean about you. What do you say?
  9. Someone asks how your day was. What do you say?
  10. Your friend has been taken over by a Goa'uld. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which Stargate SG-1 Character am I?