Which Rainimator character are you?

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Hi, This Is my first quiz so please expect grammar errors or spelling errors. Some information might be incorrect or changed due to changes of the story. If this ever happens, Please forgive me.

Hi! This might be the first Rainimator quiz! Credits to Rain Olaguer for the photos. I hope you enjoyed this quiz and hopefully the next Rainimator episode will come out soon :P

Created by: idk
  1. Which weapon would you use?
  2. Pick a quote
  3. Which among these things you would never want to see or to happen?
  4. Do you have a lover?
  5. Which among these traits does your friends describe you the most?
  6. What would you do in your free time?
  7. What kind of armor would you wear?
  8. What episode would you want to be in?
  9. Season 1 or Season 2?
  10. Pick a faction
  11. You are alone and there is someone about to attack you. What would you do?
  12. Choose your female companion to fight with
  13. What do you hide behind your "mask"?
  14. Which among these characters you would never want to fight with?
  15. Lastly, Which among these popular fictional characters do you represent?

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Quiz topic: Which Rainimator character am I?