Which peter pan character are you

There are people that like the movie peter pan i do thats why i made it hope you like it please like it thats the reason i made it yep you might not like the quiz i was just bored

Do you want to know what character you are well in a few mins you will find out i had to make this because its fun ok i am thirsty so let me get a drink *gulp* *gulp* *gulp* ah that was good

Created by: Londan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does every one love you
  2. Do you do grown up things
  3. What do people think of you
  4. What do you think of yourself
  5. Did you like this quiz
  6. Three more questions
  7. What does your first name start with no effect
  8. Do you like the movie peter pan
  9. Well maybe not the last question
  10. What character do you want to be
  11. Last question are you jealous

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Quiz topic: Which peter pan character am I