Which Fountainhead character are you most like?

The characters Ayn Rand created in her novel The Fountainhead all have distinctive attitudes towards life, resulting in different actions and attitudes... All of these characters are compelling and their interaction tells an amazing story..

Have you wondered which character from The Fountainhead you are most like? If so take this quiz to find out... Are you most similar to Dominique Francon, Howard Roark, Ellsworth Toohey or Peter Keating?

Created by: Thomas
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  1. If you saw a perfect statue, that portrayed a heroic person, what would your reaction be?
  2. Who are you most likely to love?
  3. Who would you marry?
  4. People should work to...
  5. If someone asks your opinion of what career they should pursure, what are you likely to say?
  6. Which of these are you most likely to say?
  7. Sexualy you...
  8. You preffer:
  9. Which best describes you:
  10. Is your life your own?

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Quiz topic: Which Fountainhead character am I most like?