What Red Vs Blue Character are you

statistics, numbers stating the degree of certain characteristics of the character, such as strength or intelligence. When creating a character, a player either imagines a character and then selects these characteristics deliberately, or generates the characteristics randomly and then describes a corresponding character. Most role-playing games have a system for the selection of the statistics with intricate rules and many choices. Characteristics represented can range from fundamental (endurance, social skill) to the trivial (favorite color, height) depending on the nature of the game and the degree of detail the players want to go into. These attributes describe the way in which the character will typically act and what the character is capable of doing.

yea I got this from someone else who made it, it's a whole bunch of red vs blue pictures made my luke Mckay and they put it into a desktop but they forgot Sarge poor poor Sarge.........anyways RVB is so friggen awesome I like Church and Grif but of course Caboose and Donut are friggen hilarious and Simmons is pretty cool even for a kissass all credit goes to person who put this pic together so der

Created by: Dan Rogers

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  1. What is your favorite thing to do?
  2. What is your favourite color?
  3. Would you rather beat someone up, or make peace
  4. What is your favourite phrase of these?
  5. Your captured by the enemy O NOES!!!
  6. Wheres the BOMB!!!
  7. how would you describe yourself?
  8. What do you like?
  9. Did you enjoy this?
  10. Do you like RVB?

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Quiz topic: What Red Vs Blue Character am I