which one dirction boy is?

are u a one direction super fan or are you a fan or are you not a fan or are you a not at all fan at all one direction diserve better if you are a super an you must love 1D

i absaloutly love one direction do you if you do you are a super fan if you d a bit your a fan if you dont you are not a fan if you hate them your not a fan at all

Created by: chelsea of one direction QUIZZAZZ
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  1. what is ur favorite colour?
  2. what type of hair have u got?
  3. who do u want for the end?
  4. what colour eyes has harry styles got?
  5. wich oe is in the right youngest to oldest order?
  6. what did hary's dog used to be called?
  7. what's harry's sister's name?
  8. how old are you?
  9. which song is your fav?
  10. who's hair do u like best?
  11. which group do u like the best?

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