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  • You are a fart.

    SnowFox May 8 '16, 12:52PM
  • Your Result: Twilight Sparkle

    You are most like... Twilight Sparkle! You like reading and sometimes need some coaxing to socialize. You like purple and libraries. You're a bit of a nerd... In a good way!

    Mistytail Mar 11 '16, 9:22PM
  • Yes!! i am a rainbow dash

    Connor_Kenway Jul 24 '15, 9:37AM
  • "You are most like... Fluttershy! You love animals, and would rather talk to them than another person. You are conservative and like pastel colors, especially pink. Nature is your heart and soul!"

    She's my favorite character, Fluttershy is just so adorable! I loved your quiz :3

    BonnieCooper Jul 5 '12, 2:58PM
  • yay i got rainbow dash asome!!!!!

    Cato horseland May 30 '12, 11:25AM
  • Yes fluttershy!! Very good quiz.

    PlanetDestroyer1 Nov 5 '11, 12:31PM

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