Which magical power best suits you?

There are so many people who want to know what kind of magical power they can have. I mean ... not magical powers like the kinds in fairytales but the kind that are actually real. There are many kinds but there are three that are actually real.

Do you have a magical power? Do you want to find out what magical power that is? Do you want to see what kind of magical power you could have if you don't actually have one? Do you just like really dumb quizzes such as this? Thanks to this quiz, you can see exactly what magical power you could have!! :)

Created by: Bella of Bella's Blog
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  1. Are you afraid of heights?
  2. Do you like swimming?
  3. Are you strong on the inside?
  4. Are you tall?
  5. What kind of gum do you like?
  6. What kind of pet do you like?
  7. Are you a kid or an adult?
  8. What's your favorite colour?
  9. Do you like to sleep?
  10. Do you like to draw? (no effect on your results)

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Quiz topic: Which magical power best suits me?