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  • ooooooo! i got strength. well, i am the strongest girl i know.

    secret8 Jun 15 '12, 12:42PM
  • water control i love water but love heights

    tara1080 Apr 9 '12, 10:07PM
  • i got shape shifting,flight,inv isability,super speed, super strenght, and controlin g water awesome I LOVE THIS TEST!!!! {took the test several times}

    luvteddybears Nov 21 '09, 12:03AM
  • LoL, Carri04, I got Flight. Yipeeeeeeeee! *grows wings and flies away*

    Red Bull gives you wiiiiiiiings!

    Bambi Jul 27 '09, 5:55AM
  • strength? cool i knew there was a reason why i keep beating people at arm wrestling

    Carri04 Jun 24 '09, 1:16AM
  • fishy fishy fishy

    TristanRD Jun 22 '09, 10:24PM
  • i got water control!:) i've tried that lol:) i've tried to fly (dint work very well) and h-e double hokecy sticks im strong

    TristanRD Jun 22 '09, 10:22PM
  • Strength. And everyone says I am weak.

    depressedemogirl Jun 15 '09, 6:38PM
  • Your Result: Water Control

    You hate heights and love the water. You're probably a natural fish! You probably swim a lot and you might even have a swimming pool. Water control is awesome. A little thing that goes with that is breathing underwater. That is probably the best part of it all!

    hybrid Jun 11 '09, 11:38AM

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