Which love will be your love(part 3)

if you have not taking part 1 and part 2 take those first or this will not make sense. once again were back at the house. and we pick up right were we left off the knock at the door and you go to anwser it .........

we all they guys are back again Tristan, Lucas, Tyler, Seth, Skyler, Trent, Calvin. but this time theres another new guy his names Keenan. Keenan: tall surfer with sandy coloured hair curly hair, with gray blue eyes

Created by: Kayla Marie
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  1. as your standing at the door shocked the words finally come back you and you sqeauk out hi.well all the guys come to the door too to see who it is. there not really happy about it either.'uh hi my names keenan and im here for the room'he sai well running his hand through is sandy colored hair.
  2. all the guys walk off steamed leaving you there all alone with keenan.soo he takes advantage of this and asks you to show him his room. on the way there you two get in alot of talk time.you are really liking him. but yet the talk did not last as long as you wished it could have.as you were parting to go to ur room he suddenly pulls you in and kisses your cheek. you walk off down the whole dazed as can be.
  3. being so dazed you didnt notice that you walking to the wrong room it wasnt yours. but i wasnt one you had been in with either. for some reason it had alot of scoobydoo stuff.'well i knew youd fine out about this stuff sooner or later'calvin. you turn around to see calvin standing.you start giggling and cant stop. 'please dont laugh at me'calvin a little hurt.'im not laughing at u silly i just never thought id meet a scoobydoo fan big as me'me(you like scoobydoo for now).yall start talking abot scobby and a wholle bunch of other things you would have never guessed about cal. suddenly there was silence. well that didnt last for long cause he kissed you and you kissed him back yall ended up making out on the bed for a very long time.till a txt on your phone interupted.
  4. the txt said for you to meet me by the dok now.it didnt say who it was from but you knew it was one of the guys so you went.well you find out quickly it was from Skyler cause hes standing at the end of the deck waiting for you. when you see him he hugs you and takes ur hand. he starts walking you toward the end of the dock. u didnt get why he was doing this till you get almost to the end he has this wonderful lunch date set up for you two. you two eat lunch talk and listen to music. he shares the same love for ur favorite type of music. at one point a slow song comes on he asks you the dance.and of course you do. as ur dancing ur favorite song comes and ur like omg my favorite song and hes like no way its my faovrite song too but now its our song. yall dance till its over then he kisses you very passiontly and you kiss him back. but its time to go back to the house so yall pack evrything and head back.
  5. you get back to the house all the guys are sitting at the table waiting for you except lucas. you wonder what it is about skyler walks over there and joins then.'____ we have to tell you something about lucas'tyler.'normally we wouldnt talk about the other guys but this has to be said'trent.'lucas is not here for you, he just wants some'seth.'we had to tell you we couldnt let you get hurt by him'tristan.'so what are you going to do about him'skyler. lucas wakls into the room and everybody looks at him. the guys get up leaving you there to talk with lucas. you ask him whys hes there. and well he flatt out tells you what the guys just told you. you cant believe you were fooled by lucas, you dont know what to do your going to let the other guys decide what should be done
  6. well the guys throw him out the house telling you its for the best. well ur still a little upset soo trent talks starts talking to you make shure you ur alright. after he makes shure. he takes you back to the art studio to show the painting from the other day he added the finishing touches. well ur standing by him admiring his work he takes ur hands and pulls u into him and kisses you.breathlessly you kiss him back and you two stand there kissing like that forever. but once again yall hve to stop because of the dinner bell.
  7. well after fantablous dinner you start walking to your room for the nite. but someone else has other plans with you that you dont know about. one of the guys comes up behinds you and puts a blind fold on you. and says it alright come with me. you know how it is from the voice rite away. seth. so you go with not that you have a choice anyway.lol. well after him taking you out the door and down the street u finally get to where your going. he takes off the blind fold and you cant believe it. he had set up his own screening theather outside. and the movie playing is a romantic love story comedy. ('a walk to remember' which is a good movie). anyway throught the movie he puts his arm around you and then starts ticklikng you with his other hand and you try to tickle him back. in yalls playful moment you end up kissing him. ur are surprized at urself but b4 you can say anything he kisses you back and yall finish the movie and head back to the house
  8. well as your walking to your room for the second time tonite tyler walks out in front of you.'cool just the person i was looking for'tyler. and he pulls you into his room.yall end up talking and wtaching tv for a couple hours and finally as your about to pass out from being so tired he kisses you picks you up takes you to your room and tucks you in.leaving you there dreaming of awesome things.
  9. well you wake up in the morning to some good smelling food. you walk down to the kitchen and tristan is in there cooking. you think wow a guy can cook.lol. you walk over there to see what hes cooking he making some type of gravy of the biscuits. well after breakfest you to clean the dishes he puts you in charge of washing. he takes the sprayer from the skin and squirts you. well yall end up in a huge water fight soaking both of you. you both slip on the water and you fall on top of him. he stares at your eyes then kisses you and yall get up. you both go change your clothes.
  10. as your walking from your room the phone rings. soo you rush down stairs and find the phone. you pick it up and say hello, '_______ i love you and always wil'mystery guy. who was that you thought you call the person back and the vociemail picks up "hi this is_______............ to be cont.
  11. well did you like my quiz(no effect)

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Quiz topic: Which love will be my love(part 3)