Does He Love Me??

This is a quiz to see if he REALLY likes you. to see if he is interseted in you. to see if he is in love with you with somone else. to see if your just dreamin and being his stocker. to see if it's time for you to just hang it up, or to see if your a match made in heaven!!!

are you willing to see if your crush loves you just as much!!!are YOU to scared to see the truth. to see what you mean to somone who you really love!!! to see if they even know your alive!! so take the quiz and see if you are the only one in love or to see if he in fallin head over hills for you!!!

Created by: Taylor
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you two are together does he try to make you smile??
  2. What does he do when you catch him staring at you??
  3. How old is he??
  4. Does he ever touch you??
  5. Does he ever try to get you attention??
  6. Does he come to you, to talk, or hang out??
  7. Does he know you love him??
  8. Does he write you notes??
  9. How does his friends treat you???
  10. Does he ask for your help??
  11. Does he still like his ex??
  12. Is he single??
  13. Does he treat you different??
  14. Do others think he likes you??
  15. When you two are talkin what does he do??

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