Are you really in love?

Lots of people say and/or think they're in love--but are they? How do you figure out if you're in love, lust, or just don't care? Frission, apathy, lighting up. What to do?

Are YOU in love? Do you experience frission every time you see someone? Do you just want them for their body? Do you even care? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Ava
  1. When someone says the name of that certain someone, you...
  2. When you see the object of your affection, you...
  3. You're in a relationship. A really cute person asks you out. They're funny, nice, cute.... What do you say?
  4. You're on the phone with your significant other, and they ask you out on a date. Before you can answer, call waiting! It's your friends, and they want to hook up--at the same time as the aforementioned date. Which do you choose?
  5. You and your darling are at the point before the "L" word has been used. One night, they spring it on you. How do you respond?
  6. Whilst at a movie you really wanted to see, your boyfriend/girlfriend starts kissing you. You respond by...
  7. You're at a dance club, and your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to take a break. You:
  8. You think you might be in love, but you're not sure. You...
  9. Which sounds like the best night to you?
  10. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is in the hospital. What do you do?
  11. True or False: I am truly in love with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
  12. You're on the phone with your significant other and they ask you out on a date. Before you can answer, call waiting! Your friends want to hook up, at the same time. Which do you choose?

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Quiz topic: Am I really in love?