Black Spear, the death of a birthed rememberence

Probably for the older people to ponder over this one, if they want to. basically it's intellectually intense | Drivel. If these two paragraphs do not float your boat, I advise you skip this one. Author: dark lord; singular night wind mindset. (reptile at top of climbed mountain, with death in sight) Cruxium: multiplistic hatred of never ending significant sssssss... With headache. //How Satan really fell.\\ +/-? Black and blue downward upon the greenest dishonors beauty: (Sky day/night is the pain of the suffering, oh the irony)

Secondary observational discernment statement: Green and flaring gently upward towards no significant interference: (eden?) Vomited forth from the caves came a curse of what 'could' be.(?) Even a younger Trident took notice

Created by: Angelus
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  1. In the realm of an eternally living, ever flourishing Hell of no discernable difference to its previous purity. Unique life sprawled outward in waves of systematic decay; unwitnessed, except for the momentary evidence of such a significant trailing history, each wave starting at a different focal circumference of magnificent proportions spanning land masses which were not mapped by even God. The waves met and tore into the food chain; their selves, perpetually as though no end could ever arrive to the agony of momentary pain unnoticed | fleed from by the lesser Gods, for wisdoms sake, though no God truly admitted existence, it disturbed the challenge of living anothers survival from afar.. The bend of such a temporal revelation of perplexing simplicity, towards its own inevitable unlikelyhood as a willed future, scratched angrily in its own arrogance to exist, except momentarily in whole for the decay below, which generated hope intricate and encompassing of all wills desire to become once more a new part of the end game. Do you see a past as follows?:
  2. Then, rarely, a new invisibility leapt its promising call into the hope of a future of difference to the past. A weeping hope allowed at failures grip drove forth the light amidst survivals desire, it was.. That attached to the future in parallel was the deliberate evidentiary success of all lifes strength and magnitude; Fading, though recently, as was the season, recession had occured, as raising the suns phasal sequence of general order become the draw at behest of every part of the Earth in unison.
  3. Loudly the sky cracked a distant clap, no rain, no rain. A thought's conclusivity, hummed and reverberated as a darkest angelic moment witnessed his dream of promptly stolen inferiority before God at boredoms multi-focused spite. Demise a ladder of significant daily repeat. The inferiority was his own up unto the end of the events begun at that precise moment. A deepest screech came from afar and below; hardly. Echoed the thought, that life had awoken to see the new thing.
  4. A tired victim of position at moment slipped, to the hatred he had longed for, broke loose his chains of previously acknowledged order, to his end he rightly cursed the journey's company | his beginning was his name which was remembered as his falling loved blackest sting to unheard of 'free' singularities reach of comprehending draw... Gods argued purest own designed, by failure to not notice difference arriving.. Allowed in balance such an admission of freedom even for|to the incompleted spear.
  5. Willing truer a line than never witnessed for the distractions duality of momentary excess, combined with the entire chaotic pulse of non negating polar wills objective. This freedom recognised itself in total, for a birth of one memories creation and became curved toward interest of hatreds planned design. Hatred was that which interested his enemy in total. No purer rage was needed in history of the living or forevers requirements of the present; intact at least, the baffling thought of absolute freedom as issued; largely and received; without interim, woke all that slept; as the world, to a shaking inwardly repulsed confusion of wonderful hatred, slept they had, this they now knew | the name of ...
  6. Looking down, the Gods now.. None were wise enough to hate the chaos. Only blankly staring with movement of purpose as usual, for if one betrayed the pattern of flow unspoken, a shockwave of horror had become the ultimate enemy, to all; but those who fled in thier Angelic ignorance without mere 'useless' motion.. Motion the only state unspoken which could dim a thing so old.
  7. Amongst the fighting below, amidst teeth mostly still at the announcement of Gods own concern.. looking on the scene was thus: The smartest and the fastest breathed into thier absolute presence total knowledge of thier end with fury and fire. Only thier bodies knew the agony of failure. They reaped glory of such significance that even the weak had no such label. Every tree fallen was a tactical advantage, every noise made was deliberate. The slight which fell, fell proud with no hatred of thier demise, only spite of alerting completion to thier lives fell deafly silent; but rarely. Every noise, however twisted, even in such moments was a war cry of systematic truth, no concern existed about such things anywhere beyond self clarity of never ending simplicity. War cries at an end of life were solely directed at lower Earth, To suggest one hissed at the Gods, was punishable in ways rarely seen.
  8. A creature, reptilian and old, scarred but unaware to the extreme of such irrelevant material concerns, perched calmly with occasional twitch in observational direction. Oldest to be strong still, amidst the bodies which bleached partly in the sunlights shifting glance, this creature had known of his end, for he had earned it. Even within his own mind, which was not permitted and the only honor any life form required. His glance shifted further than all day.
  9. A sweeping periodically appearing mass of apparent collective flow around many units of potential focal strengths interest, ventured, halting in patterned separation of non prey and non anti-predator normalcy, perpendicularly opposite his unshifting physical acuity of absolute stillness, the abnormality continued to strike the daylight at the outskirts of setting suns hunting area, the treeline had become alive with silent and unusually hyperactive directionally orchestrated singular chaos, which twitched the never twitched, it passed quickly to 'eyes on' limit, the non-remembering striker for evolutions cause had seen his new end, as had Satan.
  10. The tale dwindles in the night as all life slips to sleep, as sleep would be in a snakes lair.

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