do you really love him/her?

there're many people in this world that think they are in love,but that's not always the case. i designed this quiz for people to be able to answeer the qustions they don't ask themselves too often. it might help to ask

are you really in love like you say you are? well now is the time to find out. there are a few questions in this quiz that could help you determine if you are really in love

Created by: olivia

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  1. when you are with your bf/gf do you tell him/her they look beautiful no matter how bad they may look at the time?
  2. when you see your bf/gf do ever get those chills down your arm or butterflies in your stomach?
  3. when you first said "i love you" did you mean it or did you just say it because they said it?
  4. do you call your special someone just to say "i love you" on random occasions?
  5. what is it you love most about your lover?
  6. do you ever think about the future and spending the rest of your life with that person?
  7. is your time with him/her well spent
  8. do you know your bf/gf's fav song,,birthplace,fav.subject in school,and his/her fav.perfume?
  9. would you ever be willing to "PRETEND" like you were married to him/her, only until your old enough for thereal thing?
  10. what does "i love you" mean to you?

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Quiz topic: Do I really love him/her?