Which Led Zeppelin Member Are YOU?

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How much are you really like the members of Led Zeppelin? This true personality quiz will put that to the test. Not based on whether you play actual instruments or not, but rather how much can you relate to how these rock stars live their daily lives.

From Robert Plant lead vocalist and flamboyant front man, to Jimmy Page the dark, edgy guitarist, to Jonesy, master of many instruments and composer of many recognizable riffs, to the heartbeat of the band, John Bonham, who arguably hits the skins harder than any other. Which one of these rock Gods are you most like?

Created by: CassieCros13
  1. It's a Friday night and you have nothing too important to do. You are more likely to...
  2. Remember back to high school? What was your social status like?
  3. So what was your stereotype?
  4. What do you casually dress in?
  5. Have a significant other?
  6. What do you look for in people?
  7. If you had a LOT of money, you are more likely to...
  8. Which one of these would you most want to change about yourself?
  9. If some stranger threatened you on the street, you would...
  10. Are you a risk taker?
  11. You are invited to a blockbuster party! You...
  12. Where would you prefer to live?
  13. Would you drop out of high school, college, or any security to achieve your dreams?
  14. Are you intimidating?
  15. Do you like to be in control of things?
  16. What are your best qualities?
  17. Which Led Zeppelin song is your favorite from these?
  18. What about favorite album?
  19. At school or college, what was your favorite subject from these?
  20. What is your view on life?
  21. Are you the dominant one in a relationship/future relationship?
  22. How do you pick up babes?
  23. What is more important to you?

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