Led Zeppelin Trivia

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the greatest rock band ever formed. Many of these questions are common knowledge, but some of them aren't. Hopefully you'll learn a little something from this quiz. All true Zeppelin fans should score a 100% on this quiz.

Are you a true fan of Led Zeppelin? Do songs like "Heartbreaker' get your blood flowing? Do you pump yourself up while showering for work or before going out by cranking up some Zeppelin and rattling your neighbors windows? If so this quiz is for you!

Created by: Rod DeRoo
  1. Before Robert Plant, Jimmy Page thought about this man for lead vocals?
  2. Who stole the money from the hotel safe deposit box in NYC?
  3. Which band member had a son named Karac that passed away while the band was on tour?
  4. Which band member bought Aleister Crowley's mansion?
  5. Which band member was called "the Beast" by other members when he was drunk?
  6. Which song was the first song that Zeppelin really "clicked" on in their first practice session?
  7. Name a Pre-Zeppelin band that had Zeppelin Members.
  8. Whose nick name was "Bonzo"?
  9. In what city did the "Shark Incident" take place?
  10. What was the name of the record company started by Led Zeppelin?
  11. Who had the "behind his back" nick name of "Percy"?
  12. Led Zeppelin had to change their names while playing in Austria due to the Barroness Von Zeppelin threatening a law suit. What was their name?
  13. Zeppelin played for how long at Woodstock?
  14. Who gave Jimmy Page the idea for Zeppelins name?
  15. Whose band symbol is 3 interlocking circles?
  16. What was Led Zeppelin's Manager's name?
  17. Which band member usually abstained from the touring debauchery?
  18. Which member was often called "Lead Wallet" because of his miserly ways?
  19. Which member(s) were formally studio musicians?
  20. Which member saved the damsel in distress in their movie "The Song Remains The Same"?

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