Greatest showman trivia

This is a trivia quiz on the greatest showman. There are 11 questions to prove your a real fan. Only true fans can answer all questions correctly. Each question only has one correct answer. So pick the right one. Please enjoy this quiz

Good luck ! Try your best and answer all the questions. Don't let the walls stop you. This must remind people of exams. All like read the questions and answer then all blah blah blah 😂

Created by: Rewrite the stars

  1. Which character first produced plays?
  2. What was phineas as a young boy?
  3. What does Helen wish for?
  4. Who goes to save Anne in the fire?
  5. What does charity describe the girls at ballett as?
  6. Which song does Lettie sing?
  7. Which 2 characters sing rewrite the stars?
  8. What do the two girls suggest to go in the museum
  9. What song does Anne sing to Phillip in the hospital?
  10. What's tom thumbs act?
  11. Have you watched the greatest showman?

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