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This quiz put your TGS (The Greatest Showman) knowledge to the test, with a series of relatively tricky questions about the musical and the cast in it.

Some of the questions are about things you don't really pay as much attention to as the main happenings in the story. For example: How did Barnum come up with the idea to build a circus? (This isn't one of the questions)

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  1. What is the first song in the musical?
  2. Who plays PT.Barnum (AKA. The Greatest Showman)?
  3. Who plays Charity Barnum?
  4. How many songs are there in the musical?
  5. What is 'The bearded lady''s real name? (Not the actress)
  6. What famous man from history does Charles Stratton (the dwarf man) dress up as?
  7. Who does Zendaya play?
  8. Who does Barnum give the circus to at the end of the musical?
  9. Does the actress of the bearded lady actually have a beard?
  10. Last question - What is Barnum's full name?

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