The Greatest Showman Quiz

This quiz is going to be about what character you are in the greatest showman. You could be one of six characters based on the questions you choose!!!

Afterwards it will tell you who you are and what characteristics you have. Hopefully i describe you well enough! You may take the quiz again if you want to be a different person.

Created by: Sophie Foster

  1. Who is your favorite character in The Greatest Showman?
  2. What is your favorite song in the greatest showman
  3. What is your favorite part in the movie?
  4. Do you wish you were a “freak” and were in the show?
  5. Do you love the greatest showman
  6. Do you agree with the towns people that they should not do their show?
  7. What if you were Zendaya. Would you still love zac efron even though his parents hurt you.
  8. Choose your favorite color
  9. What is your favorite animal
  10. Lastly, would you ever kill someone if no one could ever find out it was you?

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