What Type Of English Horse Showman Are You?

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Horse People or Equestrians are all different! Showing English is no different! We all have our thoughts and or styles of Riding! Want to find out what you are?

In just a few minutes and by answering a few questions you can find out your showman personality, This quiz allows you to find out what you are like as a showman in the English Discipline! The questions are actually fun as well!

Created by: Ride101
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  1. If you are at a show and someones horse is sick and the owner can't give the shot and ask you, Would you do it ?
  2. Your in the ring in your Walk, Trot class. What is your first thought about? (other than nervousness)
  3. Someones horse rears and they are thrown off. If you get down to help her up you are disqualified from the class and this is your favorite one!, what would you do?
  4. Your horse is acting up and effecting all the other showman's scores, What do you do?
  5. You can't find your favorite girth in the tack trunk and you really perform well in it, what action do you take?
  6. You need a new saddle soap desperately! But don't know if your dad will get the right one. What do you do?
  7. Your thinking of some Christmas gifts that you really want. Which one would you pick?
  8. When your at a show your horse is really hot and tired but your next class is up and you still have 2 more after that. What would you do.
  9. Your friend is selling a saddle on a howrse website. She gave you her password so you could help her game. What would you do.
  10. Your best friend just started riding and she wanted to have a group lesson with you. You know you would only walk and maybe trot for a minute no fun. What would you do.

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Quiz topic: What Type Of English Horse Showman am I?