Do You Know Led Zeppelin?

Do you know Led Zeppelin, you may think, (like me) that they are the best rock band of all time, well do you know as much as I do?. I think you do, but do you know as much about Led zeppelin?? Find out.

Led Zeppelin, why the hell do I have to make two??? Do you know about led zeppelin, maybe you should.. Find out what there is to know about led zeppelin, and the members of the band.

Created by: Skipper
  1. What is there first album called?
  2. Which of the the four members are dead now?
  3. Where were Led Zeppelins first concert?
  4. How does Stairway to heaven end?
  5. Which of these numbers aren't on "Mothership"
  6. What band did Jimmy Page play in before Led Zeppelin?
  7. At the O2 show in London 2007, who played drums?
  8. Which is the best selling Led Zeppelin album?
  9. What guitar does Jimmy Page play when playing "Stairway to Heaven" live?
  10. What instruments does John Paul Jones play?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Led Zeppelin?