what led zeppelin song are you

you may be a good led zeppelin fan. you know all the years and things. you have alot of records and know al the famous songs but not of the others like boogie with stu.you have a good idea about what they loke and you want to be like them. or at least i do.

if you love led zeppelin you will love this quize. it just has the basiks about led zeppelin. but do you really want to be serious or do you just want to pass time.

Created by: blake
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like j.j.r. Tolkin
  2. what kind of hair would you want
  3. whats you favorite brand of guitar
  4. what is your favorite lyrics
  5. whats your favorite place in the world
  6. whats your favorite year
  7. would you kill to see led zeppeplin's reunion show in London
  8. do you listen to led zeppelin
  9. do you like life love or drugs
  10. whats your favorite led zeppelin song
  11. ok last one do you know what the led zeppelin sings stand for

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Quiz topic: What led zeppelin song am I